Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What the hell's wrong with you?

Richy has informed his family of our plans to split completely next summer, and that we plan to always be best friends because we work best that way and have children who grew up together. So why, today, did his sister send a card addressed and solely for Richy? It said for him to buy something nice, and there was nothing in it. This, after she sends his daughters' presents to his ex-wife and directs their grandfather to do the same. Never mind that they have spent every Christmas with their dad. She is actually better friends with Richy's ex-wife than she is with Richy...and that woman borrowed $300 from her once and never paid her back. And believe me, she talks shit about her behind her back too. Yet this is someone you call a friend to her face. Very nice.

Oh, and while we're never minding things - let's never mind that she completely neglected to send a card to me or my sons. Even Richy's dad sent them a box with presents for them in it. And he sent me a gift card with Richy's in a FAMILY ADDRESSED card.

I am super angry, but it's only to mask the fact that I'm hurt that she is such a nasty, nasty bitch. Richy just threw the card into the trash can after he opened it. He says he will wait a few days to see if another card follows, but I don't care if one does. I think it was a really stupid thing for her to do that, if it is true she's going to send a separate card for me and the boys.

She's always been this way, but never so bold and nasty. She usually does the passive aggression thing. This is just a step below that. I don't hold grudges, but I do cut people off if they are keeping up with shitty behavior toward me. Why pretend? At least I have the balls to be honest about how I feel about people.

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