Saturday, December 15, 2007

My First Investigation

We had our first paranormal investigation last weekend. It was a lot fun! The house had known activity. Our group's co- founder has spent the night there a number of times, and has a whole slew of EVPs. He didn't give us any information other than how he was acquainted with the home's owner (who is seemingly unaware of her house's activity). She is super old and the group's co-founder's family watches her house from time to time, which is how we were able to get in and investigate.

I started out by getting a base feeling of the house before everyone went in, went around to all of the rooms after we went dark. I really didn't feel anything, to be honest, until I got to the master bedroom. I had a sense that I had overstepped my boundaries. It was a parental feeling of "you shouldn't be in here." So I left. And I went back in a few minutes later. The feeling wasn't as strong. But other than that, really - nothing to write home about. I'm even willing to write that off as my own personal feelings about being in other people's bedrooms.

We were allowed in only one at a time, plus the founder who was video recording each of our investigations. I just used a digital audio recorder for mine. I wasn't about to buy fancy-pants equipment just yet. Richy was though. It was his recorder. All throughout the house I still felt nothing. I felt calm and normal. We went into the master bedroom and I was talking to the co-founder and all of a sudden I got major pins and needles on my legs. Not hair-on-end, not static. So I let him know that. And I let him know when it stopped. It only stayed around my legs. Then I left. That was it. I really had fun, though.

Richy had quite an experience. See, he's never experienced paranormal feelings. He's had like some really minor experiences which were unexplainable, but nothing that really caught his attention. So he was overwhelmed by the experience and loved it. Tomorrow we reveal our evidence, which I'm sure I'll post about too.

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