Friday, November 30, 2007

Ghost Hunter

So, I started watching Ghost Hunters at some point this year. Yeah, there isn't anyway for me to pretend I'm NOT a dork now. I have an original collection of The Twilight Zone on DVD, for God's sake. But, that's neither here nor there. Ahem, so I decided that I'm really interested in what they do on the show. So I went to their website and checked out their forum. I found a local guy who wanted to start his own group here. Well by the time I found his post some months had passed. He'd already started the group. I told Richy about it 'cause he's interested too. And we set out to meet up with the founder and co-founder in downtown Lake Worth. This was sort of an "interview", just a way for all of us to feel each other out...ew, that sounds creepy. And it went really well. We're excited about it! This is the first hobby Richy and I have ever really had in the time we've known each other. The sad thing is I finally found stuff to do for fun with him AFTER we split up.

Our first investigation is coming up on December 8th. And we have a meeting on the 2nd to meet the group and discuss the way we'll investigate this house we're going to. It should be very interesting. I'm not ready to commit to buying equipment more extravagant than a red LED flashlight (and even that I'm thinking about just slapping some red cellophane over a regular flashlight) just yet. But I think I'll wait to see how I like all of this before I get into buying accessories and stuff. Richy seems to think he'll love it straight off. I just keep thinking about when I leave in the summer I won't be able to do the investigations and stuff anymore. He will still be here so that's why he can make plans for the future for it, I guess.

The founder and co-founder are really cool people. They'd JUST done their first radio show on an AM station so they were amped when we met them. They're even more pumped up now 'cause they've been invited back. They say a lot of the other members really want to travel and do other places in FL. So they are off to a great start, I think. I'm looking forward to hanging out with them and seeing what they're about.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Watch Your Damned Kids!

As a parent I can empathize with having small children and needing to get things done during the day, wanting to do something fun once in a while, etc. I really understand that. I don't make a fuss when someone's baby is crying or their tired kid starts acting up. I get annoyed really quickly when a parent is clearly a selfish asshole and is a) dragging their baby/toddler around when he's crying from fatigue and/or, b) not really paying attention to their child at all.

We were at the Boynton Beach Mall today having lunch in the food court after our first wave of Christmas shopping. Some bitchy, lazy mom dining in Sbarro's let her little toddler boy run absolutely wild in the food court while she sat her sorry ass in Sbarro's eating a relaxing meal for two. He was no where near her. In fact, there were times when I know he was totally out of her line of sight. Then he started screaming shrilly and intermittently. One of the other patrons of Sbarro's, an older woman, was like, "Hey kid, shush!" in an even tone, just loud enough for me to barely hear about 30 feet away. His mother FINALLY decides that she's coherent then and tells the woman not to talk to her son. She never collected him, sat him down, talked to him - nothing. She didn't do shit except continue to stuff her face.

I was totally floored. The kid's GRANDMA had to come chase him down when he got all the way over to where I was sitting and was weaving in and out of tables. No one thought it was cute or funny. Grandma couldn't run after him and he was just out of control. But Dear Ol' Mom got up from the table and proceeded to walk away like he wasn't her problem. What a bitch. I can't believe she's going to have another child soon. Yay, another baby for you to ignore! Hurray! What a lucky couple of kids!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hey there Delilah, let's see you two in about 7 years

It's so funny how the years in a relationship can just drain the life out of you. But once upon a time you thought this person was "the one". You were talking about love like you knew something about it.

After seven years we're calling it quits. Seven years seems SO long, and I'm pretty sure it IS long. I feel like it was just yesterday that we met, yet I can't remember how it felt when I was head-over-heels for him. I can't even imagine why we've held on so long. It's all made me so jaded about relationships in general. And I doubt I'll ever want to be married. I feel like I've given so much of myself that there's nothing left.

I don't see myself ever wanting to date even. I feel like every potential person to date would suck. I've changed so much, and I know what I don't want, and what I'm willing and not willing to put up with. And, I've gotta tell ya, the things I'm not willing to put up with seriously outweigh the things I am. I hate that I got this way. I really hope that I can find a new sense of normalcy. Maybe I won't feel so negative about it all. I know one thing is certain - I'm SO sick of helping people fix themselves. I'm not broken. I'm not asking for anyone to fix me . I just want to think that what I could want in a partner someday isn't too much to ask for.