Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Evidence

Well, we've listened to all of our audio, and watched the video footage of our investigation of this house with known paranormal activity. I'm an even bigger dork now, but Richy is an even bigger one. Allow me to explain.

In every single one of our videos, we all were certain of the activity centering around the master bedroom. Now, we each had our own investigations with just the co-founder and his camera. Then after our investigations we were to leave and make no discussion whatsoever about our experiences until we viewed all of the evidence. In EVERY video we all stopped at the end of the hallway and felt drawn to the bedroom or repelled by it. All of the women felt repelled. All of the men were drawn in. It was really cool to watch.

My audio seems to have one good EVP and many whispers. I was even told "don't come around here" shortly before I told the co-founder that I felt that I shouldn't be in that bedroom. But it wasn't scary or evil feeling at all. It was that parental "go, on get outta here!" sort of feeling. Everyone, was more than happy to leave the room in their footage, though. In the bedroom we ALL had similar sensations in exactly the same place in the room. I found that really interesting.

Richy's audio was peppered with EVPs. The entity, or whatever you want to call it, seemed to like Richy. When he went into the master bath, he has an EVP saying what sounds like someone whispering, "Take a bath." It's really pretty good for an EVP, but still it sounds kind of weird. Now, Richy told the entity that he had a beautiful home and he thanked him for allowing him into it. On the audio we caught nothing in that part. But on the video, someone definitely says something back to him. It's not even a whisper. It's a blurry sounding voice. Since it's not our footage, Richy hasn't been able to clean it up and listen closely. He wasn't sure if it said "thank you" to him or "welcome" or something to that effect. It was really amazing though because everyone in the room watching the video heard it. I think we can all agree that he had the most interesting experience of the group.

So, the other night he was lying in bed trying, unsuccessfully, to sleep and he got that paranormal feeling he felt in that house. So he got his recorder and started asking some questions. I'll be damned if he didn't get a clear "hello" by what sounds like an old lady. No shit. She said something else too, but we can't seem to make it out. So he left the recorder going for a few hours and slept. Well now he knows what his big ass sounds like snoring. But anyway, he picked up this odd rhythm. It sounded like someone knocked once, made this 70s beat with their mouth and knocked again. It was cool!

The next day he recorded in the hallway of our house since he swears he didn't turn the hall light on and it was on. He picked up what sounds a lot like someone saying "Hey there, leave a message." Or, "Hey there we have a message." Something like that. It's not clear. Richy feels that whatever we have here, if it's anything at all, is residual. I agree. I'm even willing to investigate the idea that it may be picking up people's phone lines or something. It doesn't even make sense to me to say that, but the "hello" and "leave a message" makes me wonder.

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