Thursday, November 29, 2007

Watch Your Damned Kids!

As a parent I can empathize with having small children and needing to get things done during the day, wanting to do something fun once in a while, etc. I really understand that. I don't make a fuss when someone's baby is crying or their tired kid starts acting up. I get annoyed really quickly when a parent is clearly a selfish asshole and is a) dragging their baby/toddler around when he's crying from fatigue and/or, b) not really paying attention to their child at all.

We were at the Boynton Beach Mall today having lunch in the food court after our first wave of Christmas shopping. Some bitchy, lazy mom dining in Sbarro's let her little toddler boy run absolutely wild in the food court while she sat her sorry ass in Sbarro's eating a relaxing meal for two. He was no where near her. In fact, there were times when I know he was totally out of her line of sight. Then he started screaming shrilly and intermittently. One of the other patrons of Sbarro's, an older woman, was like, "Hey kid, shush!" in an even tone, just loud enough for me to barely hear about 30 feet away. His mother FINALLY decides that she's coherent then and tells the woman not to talk to her son. She never collected him, sat him down, talked to him - nothing. She didn't do shit except continue to stuff her face.

I was totally floored. The kid's GRANDMA had to come chase him down when he got all the way over to where I was sitting and was weaving in and out of tables. No one thought it was cute or funny. Grandma couldn't run after him and he was just out of control. But Dear Ol' Mom got up from the table and proceeded to walk away like he wasn't her problem. What a bitch. I can't believe she's going to have another child soon. Yay, another baby for you to ignore! Hurray! What a lucky couple of kids!

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