Monday, January 14, 2008


So quick updates - we had our interview with the reporter for the paper. That went very well. We had our little photo shoot with a photographer from the paper a few days later. Our article will be run this Wednesday. Exciting! We've got a meeting coming up this Sunday. I hope by then, since our article will have been out there, we will have lots of investigations to line up and discuss.

I started school last week and in one of my classes we had to write down on a sheet of paper, one thing that no one could guess just by looking at you. So I wrote that I belong to a paranormal investigation group. So when it got read and they had me reveal myself, this girl asked if I had done the Lake Worth Playhouse. She thought I was part of another group. They were charging $60 a head for people to come and investigate with them on Halloween at the Playhouse. It has come to my attention, for people who watch Ghost Hunters International, Robb was the co-founder of that group. Pretty cool. Anyway, so no that wasn't us hehe. The girl gave me a name of someone to talk to if we wanted to investigate there. She said we would probably get the go-ahead. And even cooler, the paper wants to go with us if we do. They asked us if they could tag along. Yay!

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