Monday, January 14, 2008

More Scary Stories to Tell in a Blog

Saturday night, Richy, his younger daughter and I went to a cemetery. It was the one that our old house backed up to. (We lived practically on top of a cemetery. That's another blog in itself.)

We just planned to walk around a little and do an EVP sweep. Honestly, I didn't event think about whether or not we'd see or feel anything. I had a suspicion I would be very bored after a while of walking around, but I knew that is just sometimes part of the "job". Not everything's got activity, and certainly not on command. So, Richy was facing in one direction just a few feet away from us and then he turns back and says, "I just saw...a pair of legs walking." He sounded confused about it, like he couldn't understand why he'd seen that. His daughter and I hadn't seen it, so we were like, "oh ok." And we went about our business, walking together toward where he thought he saw the legs. We stopped to face a row of houses. We were about 80 feet away from them, if not more. We didn't want to go any closer because we didn't want to pick up the sounds from the houses. So we were standing there and then his daughter was like, "I just saw the leg thing. I didn't know what you meant by just legs walking, but now I do." So we just kept standing there waiting to see it again. And I saw a shadowy head and shoulders come out from behind a tree. But no one else saw it so I was like, maybe someone's over there. But then I saw it again, only the head wasn't as distinguishable. It was like an oval shadow that fluidly came out from behind the tree again and went back. Very cool. We checked around the tree and there was no one around.

As we walked in another area later on, Richy said he felt something in this one direction. So we all stopped and turned back. As soon as I got within 5 feet of Richy the hair on my legs, arms and head all felt like they were standing on end. And the hair on my head kept pulling tighter and tighter and tighter. I couldn't believe how strong it was. I guess I walked into whatever it was he felt. It was so rad. It slowly went away after about 30 seconds. It wasn't scary at all to me. Just a really cool experience.

We got a couple of semi-lame EVPs but nothing to write home about. We didn't have the other equipment with us so that was the extent of it. The personal experiences were so worth going, though. They both saw their first apparitions...partial body, but still LOL.

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